Maya for Motion Graphics

The motion graphics toolset in Autodesk® Maya® is based on the proven and popular MASH procedural animation plugin, now fully integrated into Maya. Take the concept of 3D motion design to a whole new level.

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Explore the new motion graphics toolset in Maya 2017. The latest release of Maya includes new features and easier workflows to create stunning motion graphics.

Maya for motion graphics
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Maya extension 2 - what’s new

Built-in power

With motion graphics tools at the heart of the Maya creative toolset, you can take your designs to the next level with the full power of Maya. Combine text and graphics with simulations, animated characters and more.

Check out some of Maya’s cool new features for making motion graphics.


KNGDM is the story of a machine (’MASHine’) that starts up, drives a rocking music track and awakens a monster deep underground. It was created using the motion graphics toolset in Maya and rendered in Arnold.


Go behind the scenes with Eugene Riecansky, founder of Rockstar VFX. Find out why he created KNGDM, what his big challenges were, and how he overcame them.

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With Maya, it’s easy to make changes, create multiple versions and build a library of reusable setups that can make life easier in fast-paced motion graphic workflows.

If you are doing character and mograph work, you now only need one tool – the all new Maya.

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